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Dating Disaster #1 – The Low Talker

This date happened pretty early in my dating history. But even back then I was starting to feel as if my dating experiences would end up those like Jerry Seinfeld.

And the low talker was definitely one of Jerry Seinfeld’s many, many dating experiences.

Anyway, I met the low talker in Japan. She was nice actually. When she smiled she had these little dimples you see quite often on Japanese Idols. Cute! And she had a good career and was smart to boot.

But throughout the date I really had to struggle to hear what she was saying. That’s always especially difficult when you’re dating somebody who isn’t a native speaker of your own language. And it’s worse if you go to a date in a fairly noisy wine bar.

One other thing from the evening – cake for the lady, pizza for me and a couple of drinks each (she only ordered coffees) was a LOT of money. Nearly a day’s wage for a UK person on the minimum wage in fact. So the place was in uber-trendy Omotesando, but I knew then that dating Japanese women was going to seriously damage my bank balance.

A good pizza then, but at some significant cost to my bank balance...

By Asian standards, a very good pizza then, but at some significant cost to my bank balance…

Despite this date being quite early in my dating career so to speak, I did manage to get her out on a second date. I made some mistakes on the first date, like mentioning that she was about 10 days older than me. I guess women don’t like to be reminded of their age.

After that I pretty much cut my losses with Japan, and focused on dating Chinese women instead.

Lessons Learned

It’s probably never a good idea to marry a low talker, as you’ll face a lifetime of saying, sorry, I beg your pardon and what was that?

Never mention age to a girl, especially if she’s older than you are and/or that biological clock will be ticking.

Japan is expensive! Salarymen and tourists can live on Ramen noodles, but if you’ve got a date to impress, you’ll need a wallet full of cash.

And finally, one for the ladies… If you’re serious about finding a husband, then dating becomes your #1 priority. It becomes more important than your job, and certainly more important than going to the gym. If you actually get a date, then drop everything and focus on the guy.


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  1. How much time did you spend in each country? A good post would be the plus and minuses of each country.

    Posted by WorldTraveler | January 15, 2014, 11:25 pm

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