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Thai cyclist wearing umbrella hat

Foreigners Go Mad in Rainshower…

It rains a lot in my native England. I’m used to that. But it also rains in foreign countries. A LOT. I lived in China for a while. Yeah, that was a wet country. Malaysia, yeah, they also had rain. But maybe Thailand has even more rain… Anyway, Thai people seem to have found some […]

Minerals and health supplements - definitely NOT cheaper abroad...

Who Said Foreign Countries Were Cheap?

Many people dream about the idea of retiring from an expensive Western country and going to live in a much cheaper one. While it’s true that food and accommodation can be a lot cheaper abroad than they are back home, there are a whole class of items that are much more expensive in foreign countries […]

Heinz Baked Beans - Chinese version

Strange Lands… Stranger Foods

When I quit my job and went to live in China, it wasn’t too long before the homesickness kicked in. What I missed most was the food back home. This all came to a head when I got sick, then the pining for familiar foods really kicked in. But as I described in Strange Chinese […]

Completed mosquito tent - now I can sleep soundly...

A Prisoner in My Own Apartment

Here’s the epic tale of one man’s stand against an army of mosquitoes. Of all the problems I had living in China, mosquitoes were perhaps the biggest challenge. And also the most potentially dangerous. Mosquitoes carry a whole host of diseases. While Southern China is mostly free of Malaria carrying mosquitoes, it’s possible to catch […]

Batu Caves gift shop. The illuminated pictures of Hindu deities were particularly tacky...

Souvenirs You Don’t Need

On my first visit to another continent, I really went overboard on the whole souvenir thing. So I can back from New York laden with miniature Empire State Buildings, New York taxis and all kinds of other stuff that’s now sitting in boxes in my garage. Since then I’ve learned to loath souvenirs. No doubt […]

Ronald McDonald in Thailand - a fabulous nod to the local customs

Around the World in 80 McDonalds

Around the World in 80 McDonalds – wow, what a marvelous topic for a blog. Surprisingly, if Google is to be believed then nobody’s actually thought of this. Around the World in 80 jobs, bindun. Around the World on a Toilet – surprisingly also bindun. So here’s Around the World in 80 McDonalds… China McDonalds […]

What's this Southern China fruit store's best selling fruit? Can you guess?

That Vile, Smelly Fruit

One thing I noticed when I first visited Asia was how different the fruit is out here compared to back in Europe. The apples are bigger, the pears are bigger, and there are a whole series of monster sized fruit: Pomelo, Jackfruit and Durian. Ah, the Durian. How I hate this vile, smelly fruit! What’s […]

Kanching falls, Malaysia. Well the rainforest may have disappointed but the falls were pretty spectacular...

I Went in a Rainforest and it Wasn’t That Interesting…

So I happened to find myself in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a week. This was the first time I’d been so near to the Equator. So I was itching to see some of that pristine rainforest that you see in so many brochures about Malaysia. Man, was it a disappointment! When I was in China […]

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Grilled seaweed snacks from Thailand
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Torrential Rain in China!
August 25, 2013
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Thai cyclist wearing umbrella hat
Foreigners Go Mad in Rainshower…
August 25, 2013
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Thai Cat sleeps between two Bangkok escalators
2013 World Cat Sleeping Championships
August 23, 2013
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