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Dating Disaster #2 – The Shopaholic

Whenever I’m on a date, I’m always on the lookout for that much feared girl – the shopaholic.

Spendaholics also give me the fear.

I once chatted to a Chinese girl on Chinese Love Links who told me she only ever flew business class. Yikes!

Always flying economy is just one of the money saving measures that allowed me to pretty much retire at 40.

So when I met a Thai girl for a first date, I got the money fear when she ordered the most expensive dish on the menu.

Fair enough, I guess she wanted to test the spending power of my wallet, but could she not have just had the salmon like I did?

Needless to say, she didn’t offer to share the bill like some of my previous dates have done in the past.

So anyway, she must have been feeling pretty pleased with herself after dining on top quality cod, because then we went shopping.

Of course she had to buy something. Mercifully this time she used her own money. Actually I thought at first she wanted me to pay, but then I realised she’d got her my and you‘s mixed up and I didn’t really have to pay for shopping bought by a girl I only just met.

Thankfully though, spendaholics seem quite rare amongst the girls I’ve dated. It’s surprising there aren’t more of them, given how there’s such a consumer culture in places like Thailand these days…

Thai women being reminded that SHOPPING IS GOOD

Thai ladies being reminded that SHOPPING IS GOOD


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