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Glad You Speaking The Truth!

From a reader of Happier Back Home…

I’ve seen you many times on HA and I’m really glad you are speaking the truth on this website. It must piss Winston off though, and burst many peoples bubble, but guess what? More and more people will realize you are speaking the truth once they find out for themselves. Now you know you are from the most advanced and best country the world has ever seen before. I fell for the con as well, and I woke up just like you have. It’s easy to take what we have for granted not realizing just how good we truly have it here in the USA. And guess what? If you be really honest and look really deep you’ll see that the girls here really aren’t that bad. Winston is a whore monger, nothing more and nothing less….

Take care and thank you for the website….


Thanks D!

Would I be happier back in the UK?

Would I be happier back in the UK?

Yes I’m glad I can rain on some peoples’ parades and tell them that, yeah, abroad isn’t always so great.

It’s pretty much six months to the day since I left the UK and went to live in Asia. So what have been the pluses and minuses?


  • At least the weather’s warmer in Asia.
  • I quit my job at the right time, I have no regrets about doing that.
  • I have seen some incredible stuff this year.
  • I’ve built a lot of self-confidence.
  • I still have more money than when I left the UK.


  • I think I have tropical malaise from living in extreme heat for too long.
  • I’m still single – the dating here has largely come to nothing.
  • The gulf between rich and poor is vast here. In China there was no middle class, just people who could struggle to pay $1 for a meal, and those who would pay $100 for a bottle of imported wine. In Thailand the wage-slaves work 6 day weeks, the elite travel around in police escorted motorcades.
  • Too many locals tend to think of me as a walking ATM. And when it comes to securing long-stay visas, so do governments!
  • Bangkok is rat and roach infested, Guangzhou had horrible pollution and mosquitoes.
  • It’s actually kind of expensive in Asia these days.

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One Response to “Glad You Speaking The Truth!”

  1. Abroad is not for everyone, and certainly not for those who make their decisions or give up after six months and only two countries. I have been out here over five years, in four different countries. I even lived in seven different states over the years back in the USA. I think I have some perspective.

    Would I be happier back home? NO WAY! Are some things better back home? Certainly. Every country I have visited has advantages and disadvantages. For me, many of the things which are better back home simply aren’t that important to my quality of life…

    Assuming back home is always best? That’s just BS an arrogant. Korea and Japan are, for example, years ahead of the USA or England when it comes to internet and technology. That’s important to me and my business. 2D animation is all but DEAD in the USA and England, but it rules the roost in Asia. That’s also important for how I make my money. And, yes, for me the girls have been much better, all over Asia, even in Japan and Korea, than in the USA, as is ALL family life and human interaction. So there is NO POSSIBILITY of me being happier at home.

    Posted by Skeleton Man | December 1, 2013, 7:25 am

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