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Darling I Got You Some Fish Sheets…

I’ve seen some strange things in Asian supermarkets…

But this stuff is actually quite tasty:

His 'n' Hers fish sheets from Thailand...

His ‘n’ Hers fish sheets from Thailand

These seem to be made from road kill fish, salt and a few spices.

The one in the pink packet is clearly aimed at ladies. The pink packet is an obvious giveaway. But the product also contains 3% Collagen. I’ve seen a lot of Collagen containing products in Thailand, it’s definitely really popular as an anti-aging agent. I don’t recall ever seeing it in foods back in the UK, just in skin care lotions.

And by the way, don’t come to Thailand if you hate eating fish. There’s a heck of a lot of it here…



One Response to “Darling I Got You Some Fish Sheets…”

  1. So what if I like weird dried fish sticks and lychees? Lychees and persimmons are actually my favorite fruits.

    I seriously buy these things at my Asian market. Basically I figure if I live in Asia, I could just go to the Asian market everyday. That’d be hella fuckin’ sweet, ‘nomsayin?

    Maybe Poland would be like going to the Polish market everyday?

    Eh, eh? Am I on a better track with these expectations compared to banging hookers and finding a hot Thai bride in the process of banging hookers, whilst running an online business that generates $1000 a month in Google Adsense and teaching English and having enough money to hire a maid and a chauffeur?

    Posted by onethousandknives | September 12, 2013, 7:22 pm

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