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Don’t Go Abroad… You’ll Go Mad!!!

One of the dangers of leaving your home country is that you could go mad.

Visit Bangkok and you’ll soon realise that many Western countries only send their crazier individuals here. I’ve seen scary looking guys, shifty looking guys, and even a couple of Eastern European guys with Nazi tattoos all over their bodies.

I recently spotted some of the scribblings attributed to a man referred to as the mad scientist. His diagrams are all over a lot of street furniture in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok:

Mad Scientist's scribblings in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Mad Scientist’s scribblings in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Apologies if I’ve taken the photo upside down!

Stickman Bangkok reported actually seeing, and then getting chased away by, the mad scientist.

As to whether the guy is actually mad, well I think if you assembled all the street furniture he’s defaced then you might get the plans for a partical accelerator, or something that will get us to Mars in 3 days.

There are plenty of other crazy(ish) farangs in Bangkok though. I’ve seen foreigners with street cooking stalls and foreigners busking – all without work permits (I guess). There are also plenty of confirmed sightings of farang beggers.

At this point I’ll also own up to also having gone quite mad abroad…

Every visit I made to Guangzhou in Southern China ended up with me doing some crazy stuff and getting into stupid situations. My first visit to a Chinese hairdressers didn’t exactly go according to plan. I later found out that in China, only men actually cut hair.

And when I went to actually live in Guangzhou, I lasted exactly four months, before baling and going to Thailand.

So, whether you’re going abroad for a week or you plan on retiring there – just keep an eye on your sanity levels.


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