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Minerals and health supplements - definitely NOT cheaper abroad...

Who Said Foreign Countries Were Cheap?

Many people dream about the idea of retiring from an expensive Western country and going to live in a much cheaper one. While it’s true that food and accommodation can be a lot cheaper abroad than they are back home, there are a whole class of items that are much more expensive in foreign countries […]

Confusion in my Chinese hotel's bathroom...

Foreign Countries Are Just Too Darned Confusing

Why do we bother going to foreign countries? It’s just all too damned confusing. Like when I went to take a shower in my Chinese hotel. So which one is shampoo and which one is shower gel: Or maybe one is shampoo and one is conditioner? In the end I decided that both liquids had […]

Is Thailand Safe?

Before coming to Thailand I was slightly worried about the reports of the large number of foreigners (farangs) that get killed or injured there each year. As a guy who’d dated Asian women in the past, I was also aware of the large numbers of stories about older guys getting murdered by their Thai brides […]

Polluted river in China - my guess is a lack of oxygen has stiffled the river...

Pollution – It’s Grim Out East

One reason for not leaving your own country is the pollution in other countries. England is largely a sweet and pleasant land again these days. Strict pollution laws have helped, but I guess closing down so many factories and moving production to China has also played a big part. So really there’s just as much […]

A Bangkok Starbucks full of bloggers - presumably blogging about how to blog from a Starbucks in Thailand...

Oh No, Not Another Travel Blog About Thailand!!!

When I lived in China, foreigners were a rare sight. I’d routinely go a whole day without seeing a single Western guy. And Western women were even more rare in China. That’s definitely not the case in Thailand. Foreigners are everywhere. There are probably more foreigners living in my Bangkok neighborhood than there were in […]

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Gecko sizing up an ice cold beer in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok Beer Thief!
August 28, 2013
By Xiongmao
A rather bigger lizard spotted in a Bangkok park!
Jurassic Park
August 26, 2013
By Xiongmao
Grilled seaweed snacks from Thailand
They’ve Got Me Eating Seaweed…
August 26, 2013
By Xiongmao
Bangkok taxi driver attacks a female moped rider!
Foreign Countries Can Be Ugly Places…
August 26, 2013
By Xiongmao
Would I be happier back in the UK?
Glad You Speaking The Truth!
August 25, 2013
By Xiongmao
Torrential rain in China...
Torrential Rain in China!
August 25, 2013
By Xiongmao
Thai cyclist wearing umbrella hat
Foreigners Go Mad in Rainshower…
August 25, 2013
By Xiongmao
Thai Cat sleeps between two Bangkok escalators
2013 World Cat Sleeping Championships
August 23, 2013
By Xiongmao