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Grilled seaweed snacks from Thailand

They’ve Got Me Eating Seaweed…

I’ve eaten a lot of strange stuff since I’ve lived in Asia. Pig’s ears were probably the low point. Not all is bad though. I’ve become rather a fan of seaweed. I grew up by the sea. Here’s my home town of Plymouth, England: So I guess it’s understandable that I’d have some sort of […]

His 'n' Hers fish sheets from Thailand...

Darling I Got You Some Fish Sheets…

I’ve seen some strange things in Asian supermarkets… But this stuff is actually quite tasty: These seem to be made from road kill fish, salt and a few spices. The one in the pink packet is clearly aimed at ladies. The pink packet is an obvious giveaway. But the product also contains 3% Collagen. I’ve […]

Something interesting I found in my 7-11...

Something Eggcellent from my Bangkok 7-11…

One bad thing about going overseas is that eventually you’ll find something so utterly genius that you’ll realise your life back home would truly suck without it. For example, in Bangkok 7-11 convenience stores, you can buy this: What’s this? Why a twin-pack of hard boiled eggs off course. Totally genius, and just the thing […]

Heinz Baked Beans - Chinese version

Strange Lands… Stranger Foods

When I quit my job and went to live in China, it wasn’t too long before the homesickness kicked in. What I missed most was the food back home. This all came to a head when I got sick, then the pining for familiar foods really kicked in. But as I described in Strange Chinese […]

Pig's ears ready meal - complete with a sauce you just know will be

Slim Pickings In My Thai Supermarket This Evening

I was in a bit of a hurry tonight, so I stopped by my local MaxValu in Bangkok to see if there were any ready meals worth eating. Well, this pig’s ears ensemble didn’t look like a good candidate for my supper: I had pig’s ears for dinner when I dated a lady in Guangzhou. […]

Ronald McDonald in Thailand - a fabulous nod to the local customs

Around the World in 80 McDonalds

Around the World in 80 McDonalds – wow, what a marvelous topic for a blog. Surprisingly, if Google is to be believed then nobody’s actually thought of this. Around the World in 80 jobs, bindun. Around the World on a Toilet – surprisingly also bindun. So here’s Around the World in 80 McDonalds… China McDonalds […]

What's this Southern China fruit store's best selling fruit? Can you guess?

That Vile, Smelly Fruit

One thing I noticed when I first visited Asia was how different the fruit is out here compared to back in Europe. The apples are bigger, the pears are bigger, and there are a whole series of monster sized fruit: Pomelo, Jackfruit and Durian. Ah, the Durian. How I hate this vile, smelly fruit! What’s […]

Packets of vacuum packed chicken feet in a Chinese supermarket

Strange Chinese Supermarket Foods

The good thing about living in China for several months is that I actually lost a lot of weight. It wasn’t so much because I was dieting, than because I could never find much worth eating. There were whole supermarket aisles that had nothing worth eating. Chief amongst these was the aisle selling various types […]

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Grilled seaweed snacks from Thailand
They’ve Got Me Eating Seaweed…
August 26, 2013
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Thai cyclist wearing umbrella hat
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August 25, 2013
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Thai Cat sleeps between two Bangkok escalators
2013 World Cat Sleeping Championships
August 23, 2013
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