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Oh No, Not Another Travel Blog About Thailand!!!

When I lived in China, foreigners were a rare sight. I’d routinely go a whole day without seeing a single Western guy. And Western women were even more rare in China.

That’s definitely not the case in Thailand. Foreigners are everywhere. There are probably more foreigners living in my Bangkok neighborhood than there were in the whole of Guangzhou or Shenzhen back in China.

So I’ll just point out that if you are thinking of bankrolling your new life in Thailand by blogging about Thailand, well sorry to burst your bubble, but the Starbucks here are already full of bloggers:

A Bangkok Starbucks full of bloggers - presumably blogging about how to blog from a Starbucks in Thailand...

A Bangkok Starbucks full of a WordPress of bloggers. Presumably they’re all blogging about how to quit your job in favour of blogging from a Starbucks in Thailand…

In fact everything that can be written about Thailand has already been written. And everything here has been photographed.

When I first arrived in Bangkok my friend Rock from Happier Abroad showed me round Asia Books and I found out that even the Western man spends time in a Thai jail niche is saturated.

Happily though, Thailand is a great place to run an Internet based business from. Internet access is reasonably fast and you don’t have to contend with irritations such as the Chinese Censorship Firewall. Plus the weather’s always hot and the food’s great!


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