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Confusion in my Chinese hotel's bathroom...

Foreign Countries Are Just Too Darned Confusing

Why do we bother going to foreign countries? It’s just all too damned confusing. Like when I went to take a shower in my Chinese hotel. So which one is shampoo and which one is shower gel: Or maybe one is shampoo and one is conditioner? In the end I decided that both liquids had […]

Chinese people walking down a busy freeway. More often than not, they actually walk down the centre lanes, or think nothing about crossing 8 lanes of traffic...

Foreigners Have No Sense of Danger

One thing that’s scary about living abroad is you get to realise that foreigners often have little sense of personal safety. Of all the countries I’ve visited, China was the scariest in terms of things that could go wrong. Outside my University where I was studying, I’d routinely see Chinese students cross the road without […]

Bangkok’s Gone to the Dogs…

Many foreigners will tell you that Thailand’s gone to the dogs, and that tourists are increasingly finding better (and cheaper) vacations in Vietnam or the Philippines. But when I first came to Bangkok I soon realised that the place had literally gone to the dogs. There are dogs EVERYWHERE in Bangkok. I presume the rest […]

Pig's ears ready meal - complete with a sauce you just know will be

Slim Pickings In My Thai Supermarket This Evening

I was in a bit of a hurry tonight, so I stopped by my local MaxValu in Bangkok to see if there were any ready meals worth eating. Well, this pig’s ears ensemble didn’t look like a good candidate for my supper: I had pig’s ears for dinner when I dated a lady in Guangzhou. […]

Mad Scientist's scribblings in Sukhumvit, Bangkok

Don’t Go Abroad… You’ll Go Mad!!!

One of the dangers of leaving your home country is that you could go mad. Visit Bangkok and you’ll soon realise that many Western countries only send their crazier individuals here. I’ve seen scary looking guys, shifty looking guys, and even a couple of Eastern European guys with Nazi tattoos all over their bodies. I […]

Completed mosquito tent - now I can sleep soundly...

A Prisoner in My Own Apartment

Here’s the epic tale of one man’s stand against an army of mosquitoes. Of all the problems I had living in China, mosquitoes were perhaps the biggest challenge. And also the most potentially dangerous. Mosquitoes carry a whole host of diseases. While Southern China is mostly free of Malaria carrying mosquitoes, it’s possible to catch […]

Is Thailand Safe?

Before coming to Thailand I was slightly worried about the reports of the large number of foreigners (farangs) that get killed or injured there each year. As a guy who’d dated Asian women in the past, I was also aware of the large numbers of stories about older guys getting murdered by their Thai brides […]

Batu Caves gift shop. The illuminated pictures of Hindu deities were particularly tacky...

Souvenirs You Don’t Need

On my first visit to another continent, I really went overboard on the whole souvenir thing. So I can back from New York laden with miniature Empire State Buildings, New York taxis and all kinds of other stuff that’s now sitting in boxes in my garage. Since then I’ve learned to loath souvenirs. No doubt […]

Monks Are Clearly Happier Abroad

I might moan about what stuff’s like abroad, but there is one group of people who should definitely consider moving abroad. I’m talking about monks. While visiting Thailand I couldn’t help noticing that monks get afforded all kinds of perks that lay people don’t usually have access to. For a start, at Thailand’s airports, they’re […]

Ronald McDonald in Thailand - a fabulous nod to the local customs

Around the World in 80 McDonalds

Around the World in 80 McDonalds – wow, what a marvelous topic for a blog. Surprisingly, if Google is to be believed then nobody’s actually thought of this. Around the World in 80 jobs, bindun. Around the World on a Toilet – surprisingly also bindun. So here’s Around the World in 80 McDonalds… China McDonalds […]

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August 28, 2013
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Grilled seaweed snacks from Thailand
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Torrential rain in China...
Torrential Rain in China!
August 25, 2013
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Thai cyclist wearing umbrella hat
Foreigners Go Mad in Rainshower…
August 25, 2013
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Thai Cat sleeps between two Bangkok escalators
2013 World Cat Sleeping Championships
August 23, 2013
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